Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings!

Our society is so exceedingly polite nowadays that we dare not offend anyone. As a result, we tame down our felicitations so they mean next to nothing. “Happy Holidays” could refer to Halloween and Thanksgiving. “Season’s Greetings” could be referring to spring or summer. So I’ll be blunt. We’re coming up to Christmas. And honestly, what’s the point of Christmas without Christ?

Recently I read through the entire December issue of a magazine I really like, and the word “Christmas” wasn’t in there once. There were all sorts of “holiday” activities, but no mention at all of Christmas. And this is hardly an occurrence unique to that particular magazine. Society in general dares not breathe the word “Christmas” lest we get too religious.

Following my son’s recent hospitalization for his broken leg, my kids and I decided to make Christmas… Oops, holiday cards for the kids at that hospital to give them some hope. So I contacted the hospital to inquire about it, and I was given three conditions. 1) No glitter. 2) No well wishes like “Get well soon,” since some of those kids may not. 3)  No religious messages.

Okay, I get the first two, but the third one broke my heart. Honestly, I can’t say it surprised me, but I was sorely disappointed nonetheless. What’s the point then? I mean, sure, the kids get cute drawings of snowmen and wreaths, but what hope is there in that? To families of children who may never go home from the hospital, the only source of real hope lies in that baby in the manger. The baby who grew up to live a perfect life, die an innocent death for our sins, and rise again to show that even death cannot have the final end. That’s the message of Christmas. That baby was born for you.

I don’t know if any of those kids in the hospital will get our Christmas cards or not. I’m checking into delivering them through the chaplain’s office there, which may or may not work. But allow me to share the inside sentiment here, which I’ve seen elsewhere.

         A Child

                      Has been

                  boRn for us,

a Son gIven

to uS,

                        auThority rests

upon hiM, and

He is nAmed


Amid the chaos and busy-ness of this week, take time to reflect on that beautiful truth. A child has been born for us. That child, that Son, is Jesus Himself. God made man. For you. That’s the message of the holiday, the reason for the season. Remember that as you spread holiday cheer. And by golly, Merry Christmas.

Photo is Greetings to Flickr Friends by Carol VanHook