If you’ve been following my blog, you will notice that I’ve not posted in quite a while! Sadly, blogging has largely fallen out of practice as podcasts become more popular. I didn’t realize just how true this was until I was leading a writing workshop at a nearby high school and mentioned my blog to a classroom of seniors. Multiple students piped up, “What’s a blog?” Ouch. Not gonna lie, that made me feel old.

And yet, it’s not old at all. Technology just moves so quickly nowadays that from year to year, even month to month, new things are introduced and take over as the latest craze. My blogging journey began less than a decade ago in 2014, when I called my brother and told him I needed him to talk me down from the ledge. I felt like as an author I should have a blog, even though I really didn’t want to do one. Rather than talk me down, he simply said, “Do it.” So I did.

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you noticed how I blogged twice a week when I started (Mondays and Thursdays, thank you very much, because at that time, research indicated those were the days of highest blogging traffic). Then eventually that lessened to once a week, and slowly dwindled from there until I eventually stopped altogether. I did have a brief blog resurrection in 2021 with some reposts and the 12-Minute Prayer Challenge, but other than that, I’ve not posted anything since 2020. (I do, however, have a monthly newsletter to keep in touch, if you haven’t already signed up for that!)

That may have been the end of things on the blogging front, had a friend not suggested to me that I make my past blog posts into a devotional book. I laughed at her at first. After all, everything is available for free online. But she pointed out that people don’t want to wade through all that. Better to have everything in one convenient volume. And she’s exactly right.

So…seven years in the making, I present you the “best of” my past blog posts. There’s a handy Scripture index and topical index in the back to make it easy to find a post you’re looking for. You’ll still find all your favorites like “Why I Would Never Force My Kids to Go to Church,” along with posts you’ve long forgotten. You’ll even discover a few bonus posts along the way that I never published on the blog. TruthNotes: A Devotional of Timeless Truth in a Changing World is available in print or ebook format. Technology and the world are constantly changing, but God’s Word in unchangeable, His truth absolute, and His Word remains forever. You can count on it!