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TruthNotes Devotional Available!

If you’ve been following my blog, you will notice that I’ve not posted in quite a while! Sadly, blogging has largely fallen out of practice as podcasts become more popular. I didn’t realize just how true this was until I was leading a writing workshop at a nearby high school and mentioned my blog to a classroom of seniors. Multiple students piped up, “What’s a blog?” Ouch. Not gonna lie, that made me feel old.

And yet, it’s not old at all. Technology just moves so quickly nowadays that from year to year, even month to month, new things are introduced and take over as the latest craze. My blogging journey began less than a decade ago in 2014, when I called my brother and told him I needed him to talk me down from the ledge. I felt like as an author I should have a blog, even though I really didn’t want to do one. Rather than talk me down, he simply said, “Do it.” So I did.

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you noticed how I blogged twice a week when I started (Mondays and Thursdays, thank you very much, because at that time, research indicated those were the days of highest blogging traffic). Then eventually that lessened to once a week, and slowly dwindled from there until I eventually stopped altogether. I did have a brief blog resurrection in 2021 with some reposts and the 12-Minute Prayer Challenge, but other than that, I’ve not posted anything since 2020. (I do, however, have a monthly newsletter to keep in touch, if you haven’t already signed up for that!)

That may have been the end of things on the blogging front, had a friend not suggested to me that I make my past blog posts into a devotional book. I laughed at her at first. After all, everything is available for free online. But she pointed out that people don’t want to wade through all that. Better to have everything in one convenient volume. And she’s exactly right.

So…seven years in the making, I present you the “best of” my past blog posts. There’s a handy Scripture index and topical index in the back to make it easy to find a post you’re looking for. You’ll still find all your favorites like “Why I Would Never Force My Kids to Go to Church,” along with posts you’ve long forgotten. You’ll even discover a few bonus posts along the way that I never published on the blog. TruthNotes: A Devotional of Timeless Truth in a Changing World is available in print or ebook format. Technology and the world are constantly changing, but God’s Word in unchangeable, His truth absolute, and His Word remains forever. You can count on it!

Free Book Offer for Book Birthday!

This week marks the one-year book birthday of Stand Alone! To celebrate that, I’m running a free book promo for the Kindle version over this entire anniversary week, from Monday, September 21, through Friday, September 25. You do not have to be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited to get this deal (but KU members get the book free all month long!).

Here’s what other readers say:

Our favorite characters have returned, more mature and as real as ever, and they’ve brought with them some great additions. Join Meyer in her world of love, loss, growth, and Christian life together.
Sarah Baughman, Author of A Flame in the Dark: A Novel About Luther’s Reformation

When I pick up a book by Ruth Meyer, her characters draw me into their hearts and homes.
Deb Margrett, Teacher and School Librarian

Be sure to get your free Kindle copy by Friday!

Book Anniversary and Kindle Deal!


It’s been one year since Hope Alone was released, and to celebrate that, I’m offering a Kindle Countdown deal! Starting today (Monday, July 6), you can buy the ebook for only 99 cents! (Free if you have Kindle Unlimited!) Each successive day, the price goes up a dollar until it reaches full price again on Friday, as follows:

Monday, July 6: $0.99
Tuesday, July 7: $1.99
Wednesday, July 8: $2.99
Thursday, July 9: $3.99
Friday, July 10: $4.99

Hope Alone is a Bronze Medal Winner for the 2019 Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards in the Christian-Romance-Contemporary category.

Hope Alone by Ruth Meyer is an amazing read. It features easily relatable characters that have been through difficult and tumultuous moments but whose faith serves as an anchor even in the worst of times. Faith’s family has been through it all. Their lives are far from perfect and sometimes they make mistakes. Still, their story offers a strong lesson on the liberating power of forgiveness and the unwavering presence of God even in the darkest of moments. Adeptly written, Hope Alone is an encouraging and eye-opening read.

Reader’s Favorite 5-star review

Take advantage of the deal while it lasts, and enjoy a good read today!

Audiobook Giveaway


Grace Alone is now available as an audiobook! Thanks to my talented narrator, Leanne Bennet, for all the hard work she put into the production. Grace Alone is available on Amazon and Audible. To celebrate its release, I am giving away two free audiobooks. There are eight ways to enter the giveaway, so enter today for your chance to win!


Winner of the Stand Alone Challenge


The winner of the Instagram photo challenge is author Angela Watts! Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge! I loved seeing the different books and characters other people thought of for each of the day’s prompts, and I got a few new book recommendations myself. Please be sure to add the Sola books to your own reading list, and I’d love if it you leave a review when you’re finished.  Happy reading!

Day 4 of the Stand Alone Challenge



We’re nearing the end of the Stand Alone photo challenge with Day 4. The prompt for today is “Life Set-Backs.”

Throughout the Sola Series, Grace and her family have faced many set-backs in life. In Stand Alone, Jackson’s future crumbles before his eyes. All he’s ever wanted to do is play football in college, but a major sports injury his senior year of high school crushes that dream.

Who is another book character to experience life set-backs?

It’s not too late to join the challenge! Find me on Instagram @ruthmeyerauthor to enter. I look forward to seeing your entries!




Day 3 of the Stand Alone Challenge



Today is Day 3 of the Instagram photo challenge for the release of Stand Alone! The prompt for today is “Stages of Life.”

The characters in the #SolaSeries often enter into a new phase of life. In Stand Alone, Grace’s children are all in school for the first time in twenty years, and she has to decide how to structure her time. Meanwhile, Jackson is off to a new and exciting world of college, which brings its own challenges.

Anything new can usher in a different phase of life: a birth, new job, marriage, divorce, an empty nest with the kids leaving home, and even death. What is a book that looks at different stages or phases of life?

Be sure to find me on Instagram @ruthmeyerauthor to enter the contest for a chance to win all four Sola Series books!

Day 2 of the Stand Alone Challenge


Yesterday was a successful launch for Stand Alone! Thanks to readers like you, it hit the #1 New Release for Contemporary Christian Fiction on Amazon! (As of right now, it’s still at that spot, but Amazon updates their stats hourly, so no telling how long it will stay that way!) If you have’t gotten your copy yet, please order today! And if you haven’t joined in the Instagram photo challenge, today is a great day to start! Find me @ruthmeyerauthor to join in the fun. Today’s prompt is Family.

In every book of the Sola Series, Grace’s family has faced challenges that could easily tear them apart. Yet God is faithful in bringing healing and forgiveness to broken and strained relationships. In Stand Alone, Jackson has to decide how to handle his relationship with his estranged father even as he helps his best friend, whose family is falling apart.

What is a book that explores the theme of family?

I love to see the answers people come up with for the photo prompts. Enter the challenge for a chance to win all four Sola Books!

And I’m sorry, but I just can’t resist including a screenshot of the #1 New Release! Thanks again, readers!


Stand Alone Launch Day and Instagram Contest!


Today is release day for Stand Alone! Order your copy to continue reading the story of Grace and her family. Instead of a blog tour for this book, I’m hosting a photo challenge, so hop onto Instagram to enter. Today’s photo prompt is Resiliance.

Throughout the Sola Series, the Williams family has had many opportunities to prove their resilience. In Stand Alone, both Grace and Jackson are presented with a different reality than they planned on. Grace’s new season of life makes her reconsider her plans, while Jackson must rethink his future in light of a football injury that puts his scholarship in jeopardy.

Who is your favorite book character that exhibits resilience in the face of changes or challenges?

Post a photo of the book you use to answer the question, use the challenge hashtag (#StandAloneBook) when you post about the day’s prompt, and follow me @ruthmeyerauthor. Then you’ll be entered to win a signed book bundle of the entire Sola Series! Happy reading!

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