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Puppy Love


I’m not exactly sure when I lost my sanity. It was a gradual process, I think, but somewhere over the last decade I managed to completely lose my senses. We have five children, a homeschooling schedule to keep up, a house that is never clean, and a dog who will probably never be completely trained. Yet despite all this, we took in another puppy this weekend. A mutt. Emaciated, shivering, and scared. For all we knew, the thing had fleas. So what in the world would possess us to take in a stray under such circumstances? The answer is quite simple, actually. He needed us.

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An Adoption Story


Recently my cousin and her husband adopted a baby. They had been waiting and praying for a child for a long time, as had their family and friends. It was difficult to wait, difficult not knowing when or even if they would have a child of their own. But at last the wait is over, and their loved ones rejoice with them that they have a son to call their own. Although he was born to a different mother, he is now legally their child in every way. The adoption papers are complete, and he shares their name and their home from here on out. They intentionally went about the adoption process, for you see, there’s no such thing as an unplanned adoption. And that’s a great comfort to me, because I, too, am adopted.

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