The first time my newborn son peed on our comforter as I was changing him, I was horrified.  We lived in a tiny apartment, and his changing table was right next to our bed, so the distance was nothing for a little boy.  I bundled him up, stuffed the comforter in a garbage bag, and hauled everything down the street to the laundromat so I could properly wash the thing.  The second time he pulled that stunt, I decided it wasn’t worth the trip to the laundromat, so I simply got out my disinfectant spray and scrubbed the spot.  By the third time he did it, I just swiped at it with a baby wipe.  Now, 10 years later, we still have that comforter, and it has seen its share of use.  There are spots and pen marks and even a nice mauve blotch from a nail polish accident that happened a month ago which I have yet to attempt to remove.  You see, I’ve learned something over the years- some things just aren’t worth the fuss.

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