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Broken Plates


For my birthday last month, both my parents and my in-laws were gracious enough to give me gift cards for Kohls. So I decided to do something wild and crazy. I bought new plates. I know. Living on the edge, right? We’ve been using plain white Corelle plates ever since we got married 15 years ago, and while they’re perfectly functional and great for kids, it was definitely time to upgrade to something that didn’t scream “These are college plates.” So I ordered two sets of these adorable plates while they were on sale and waited excitedly for them to come. When they did come, I tore into the box with all the anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning. The first box was quickly unpacked and the dishes placed directly into the dishwasher, but when I picked up the second box, I knew something was wrong. I could hear broken glass.

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The Beauty of Brokenness

My daughter’s room has a blackout shade. That shade has a tear in it, which of course means light seeps in through the crack. One’s eye can’t help but be drawn to that flaw in the blind. Forget the rest of the pristine white canvas, it’s the tear that draws attention. I find this to be a fitting description of life as well. The “broken” parts of your life are the ones that people notice. Continue reading “The Beauty of Brokenness”

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