Timeless truth in a changing world


C.F.W. Walther

Wrestling with God


Have you ever wrestled with God? Jacob did. Literally. He wrestled with God all night long the night before he met Esau again after years away. In the morning, the man (God) touched Jacob’s hip socket and put it out of joint, showing how powerful He really was. He could easily have disabled Jacob from the beginning, yet He chose to engage the patriarch in a familiar and personal way. We see that God’s ultimate purpose of struggling with Jacob was not to defeat him, but to bless him. Now, I doubt you’ve wrestled with God quite like that, but perhaps you’ve wrestled with Him in a different way—in prayer.

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Disastrous Devotions

I don’t know why I even bother with devotions.  Almost without fail, something disastrous happens.  Family devotions are never peaceful and reverent.  We have at least one child complaining about doing them in the first place, another who is interrupting, another who wanders away, and one who obviously isn’t listening to a thing.  Inevitably, either Mom or Dad gets mad and yells at them to listen.  Not exactly how I envisioned  our “quiet time.”

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