Not too long ago, a friend of mine posted something intriguing on Facebook.  She thanked all her “non-chameleon” friends who were the same no matter what company they held.  I found this to be very thought-provoking.  I’m sure you can think of a few people who are chameleons.  They act one way with a certain group of people, but are completely different with another group.  They “change their color,” so to speak, to fit their environment.  Now, to a minor extent we all do this.  Most of us would probably be more subdued visiting an elderly relative in a nursing home than we would be at, say, a wedding reception.  But that’s just two different sides of your personality- the caring, listening side and the fun-loving, have-a-good-time side.  You’re still being yourself in both situations.  But I ask you to consider another facet of your life and ask whether or not you’re a chameleon in this aspect- your faith.

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