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Family Ties

Can you imagine the anguish of Jesus’ mother as she watched her son dying on the cross? As a mother myself, I can’t even bear it when one of my children gets hurt. The sight of their blood makes me queasy. Imagine, then, Mary standing there watching her innocent son beaten, mocked, and crucified for the sins of the whole world. She watched him suffer there for three long hours, blood streaming from his head, his hands, his feet, and she couldn’t do a thing to stop it or make it better. I can’t even imagine. Yet even in the midst of Jesus’ own excruciating agony, He sees His mother’s pain and takes the time to lovingly provide for her earthly future.

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To Brainwash a Child?

I’m not gonna lie to ya, the response to my post from last Monday floored me. If you haven’t read Why I Would Never Force my Kids to go to Church, you might as well read it now. Be sure to read some of the comments as well. I was floored at the number of shares, views, and comments in response to the article. If you’ve read any of the comments, you know very well that while there are a number of people who agreed with the premise of the post, there are also many who do not. That’s to be expected, certainly. There are a number of beliefs and worldviews out there that are vastly different from my own. But what surprised me was the recurring use of one word by those who disagreed with my article. Brainwashing. Continue reading “To Brainwash a Child?”

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