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The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

Moving less than a month before Christmas is generally not something I recommend. Yet our family did just that. A move of 1300 miles. And trust me, by the time the furniture was delivered and we had unpacked the most important boxes, it didn’t have time to feel like Christmas was just around the corner. Remember that post I did a month ago about (Advent) New Year’s Resolutions? Yeah, none of that happened at our house. Advent ribbons? Not a chance. Advent devotions? We managed to start them about halfway through Advent. Memorizing Advent verses and hymns? Nope. Our Advent this year was pretty much the move and that’s it. But a funny thing happened. Despite the chaos and unpreparedness on my own part, Christmas came anyway.

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The Weakness of God

Have you ever been disappointed in God? Maybe He didn’t answer a heartfelt, selfless prayer on behalf of someone else. Perhaps you’re suffering for doing the right thing and you feel like God let you down. Maybe you just get fed up seeing the disarray of the world and wish God would do something to prove Himself. Well, I have news for you. In this world, God chooses to remain small.

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