It all started because I didn’t call the cancellation line. You see, it had rained that morning, but then the sun came out in the afternoon and cleared everything up. Since we were new to this baseball program, it never occurred to me to call the cancellation line, especially on a day like this. I thought we’d get a mass e-mail or text in the event of a cancelled practice. So I packed up all four kids and went to my oldest son’s practice only to get there and realize it had been cancelled. Dumb mistake. Waste of time. Or was it? Turns out the coach had showed up as well (for clueless parents like me, I guess), and he stayed and gave both of my boys a private coaching session. He taught them how to pitch, something neither my husband nor I could have done properly. And wouldn’t you know itmy eldest son had a knack for it. Matter of fact, he’s one of their better pitchers now. And all because I didn’t know practice had been cancelled.

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