I have a bona fide obsession. Actually, it’s probably more like an addiction. I cannot stop writing. Now, I find this odd, since I didn’t grow up hoping to write a book someday. It was never even on my radar. But suddenly, all I want to do is write. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. In the past half year, I’ve written two novels that actually stand a decent chance of being published, and I’m a third of the way done with another. Additionally, I just came up with an idea for a new book series, and have written a handful of scenes for those as well. I talk about my characters as if they were real people. I’ve laughed through chapters and sobbed while writing others. Like I said, I’m obsessed. And I don’t know how other authors write their books, but in my case I’ve found a pattern. I have to write the end first.

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