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God’s First Words


First words are a milestone. Parents encourage their babies to make meaningful sounds when they start babbling, coaxing them to say “Mama” or “Dada.” When the baby finally does say his or her first word, proud parents share the news and brag to their friends about how smart their child is, perhaps even teasing each other about which parent got the honor of being named first. It makes me wonder what Jesus’ first word was. The Bible doesn’t see fit to tell us, but it is interesting to read God’s first recorded words in Scripture.

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Science, Ken Ham, and Bill Nye. Oh My!


Okay, I admit, the long-awaited “creation vs evolution” debate was nothing like I imagined it would be.  Like many of you, I was looking forward to Ken Ham blowing holes in the theory of evolution, trumping such made-up nonsense with the truths of creationism.  Turns out the debate actually centered far less than I expected on the fine points of creation or evolution.  And after reflecting upon that, I came to realize that the debate was, in fact, better this way.  Here’s why. Continue reading “Science, Ken Ham, and Bill Nye. Oh My!”

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