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God’s First Words


First words are a milestone. Parents encourage their babies to make meaningful sounds when they start babbling, coaxing them to say “Mama” or “Dada.” When the baby finally does say his or her first word, proud parents share the news and brag to their friends about how smart their child is, perhaps even teasing each other about which parent got the honor of being named first. It makes me wonder what Jesus’ first word was. The Bible doesn’t see fit to tell us, but it is interesting to read God’s first recorded words in Scripture.

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Exposed by the Light


It is a beautiful sunny morning today; a welcome relief from the gray days we’ve had recently. So I opened the blinds to let in the light. That was a mistake. We have tile floors through much of the house, and the natural light that brightened the day also illuminated the dirt and crumbs on the floor. Every. Single. Particle. It looked awful. Without the natural light, I could almost fool myself into believing that the floor was clean enough, but once the light was shining on it, that illusion was gone. There was no other way around it. My floor was dirty.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I  have a confession to make. I’m scared of the dark. Well, let me clarify that. I am, in fact, downright terrified of the dark in certain situations. Oh, I’m okay at home in bed at night. I don’t need a nightlight or get scared that there are monsters under the bed. But if I have to walk outside to my car in a parking lot after dark, yeah, I’m scared. Walking into a dark church to practice organ is a terrifying experience for me. I literally break into a sweat walking past all those empty pews to get to the organ. I’ve even had my husband come over with me on occasion if I’m really spooked. There’s just something about darkness that’s unsettling. Anything could be lurking out there. And my imagination works overtime in the dark, as all those urban legends come to mind. Darkness can be a very scary thing. Turn on a light, however, and everything changes. Once I turn on the lights in the sanctuary, I still have to walk past all those empty pews, but I’m not afraid anymore. The light is assuring, comforting, showing me that my path is clear.

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