There are defining moments in everyone’s life, some more dramatic than others.  Perhaps you look back over your life thus far and see an important decision that stands out as one such moment; a decision that shaped the course of your future from there on out.  Maybe it was an event, like a stroke or accident that left you or a loved one incapacitated and altered the course of the rest of your life.  Some defining moments are good.  Many would point to Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous “I have a dream” speech as a moment that defined not only his life, but much of the civil rights movement.  Other defining moments are less illustrious.  Consider the college student who killed himself in 2010 after his roommate taped him and his same-sex partner in the act.  People who didn’t know anything about him at all will remember him for this.  It’s a tragic defining moment.  My guess is that your defining moments are somewhere in between those two extremes, but first, let’s look at some more examples.

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