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When Fighting is a Good Thing


As a mother of five, I see my fair share of fighting. It seems like some days all I am is a referee, mediating between one fight after another. And it gets old pretty fast. Most parents can probably agree with me on this point. In general, fighting is looked upon as a bad thing. Kids are encouraged not to fight, especially with their fists. We try to teach our kids to work things out by talking through their differences rather than fighting. But I have surprising news for you. Sometimes fighting can be a good thing.

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Prowling Lions

Have you ever come face to face with a hungry lion? Unless you lead a thrilling life of daring safari adventures, my bet is the answer is no. The only place I’ve ever seen a lion is in a zoo, from the safety of the thick restraining glass. Even when the lion dares to walk right next to the glass on the other side, I know I’m safe. He poses me no threat at all. But there’s another lion I do face on a daily basis, one who is much more dangerous than the lion I see in the zoo. This lion is constantly prowling around, looking for his next prey. I don’t know where he’ll show up or what tricks he’ll use, but I know I’m never safe from him. And neither are you.

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