I  have a confession to make. I’m scared of the dark. Well, let me clarify that. I am, in fact, downright terrified of the dark in certain situations. Oh, I’m okay at home in bed at night. I don’t need a nightlight or get scared that there are monsters under the bed. But if I have to walk outside to my car in a parking lot after dark, yeah, I’m scared. Walking into a dark church to practice organ is a terrifying experience for me. I literally break into a sweat walking past all those empty pews to get to the organ. I’ve even had my husband come over with me on occasion if I’m really spooked. There’s just something about darkness that’s unsettling. Anything could be lurking out there. And my imagination works overtime in the dark, as all those urban legends come to mind. Darkness can be a very scary thing. Turn on a light, however, and everything changes. Once I turn on the lights in the sanctuary, I still have to walk past all those empty pews, but I’m not afraid anymore. The light is assuring, comforting, showing me that my path is clear.

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