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Perfect Preparation

When I was in high school, there were a number of us with 4.0 grade point averages, and thus it was an eight-way tie for valedictorian. Rather than each of us making a lengthy speech, we worked together to make one speech split up eight ways. Each of us had a different topic and three to four minutes to cover said topic. But there was one quote that tied everything together. We all referenced a quote attributed to Corrie ten Boom: “Every experience God gives us, and every person He puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.”
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A True Love Story

The movie The Vow is based on a true story where a wife loses her memory after a car accident and can’t even recognize her own husband. Rather than letting her go, the husband works to win back her love. It’s an inspiring story, one that makes women swoon to see the husband go to such lengths to win her back. We like this kind of story, because secretly we’d all like to be that valuable in someone’s eyes. We’d love to have someone go to all that trouble to win our affections. But the fact is that someone has gone to incredible lengths to win you back. That Someone, of course, is Jesus.

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The Lonely Road

Have you ever been all alone? I’m not talking about that peaceful moment when the kids have all left for school and you have the house to yourself. I’m talking about a deep feeling of abandonment; a loneliness that aches. Perhaps you’ve experienced the death of a loved one, and in the days following, you felt keenly that loss, aching for the companionship again. Maybe you’ve experienced a tragedy you felt no one could understand; that there was no one who could sympathize with you. These feelings are very real, and not to be cheapened. Yet no matter how alone, how abandoned you may have felt, you have never been truly alone, for God has always been with you. God has never abandoned anyone on this earth. Well, come to think of it, He has. God the Father abandoned one Person completely, and that was His own Son, Jesus.

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