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Taking the Gospel for Granted


Familiarity breeds contempt.

So goes the old expression. And we get the basic premise; At first, everything is new and exciting, but over time that excitement fades and one tends to take for granted what once was  an amazing blessing. Whether this plays out in a marriage, a job, or even possessions, we can all think of examples. But what happens when you find yourself feeling this way about the Gospel?

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Why Fiction Matters


I made an idiot out of myself not too long ago.  Okay, granted, that’s not as uncommon as I’d like to believe, but this took the cake.  Over Spring Break, a friend told me she was taking her daughter to Chicago, and when I talked to her the morning they were leaving, I asked, “Are you coming back yet today?”  There was an awkward pause, and she reminded me, “Ruth, it’s 17 hours away.”  Oops.  That’s right.  We live in Texas, don’t we?  I made the excuse that I’m still in the mindset of living in Michigan.  But that’s not the whole truth.  And the real reason is even more embarrassing.

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