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Why I Want My Kids to Fight


(Author’s note: I originally wrote this article for the website Raising Godly Children, where it was published on March 19,2017. To read the article in its entirety, click the link here.)

My seventh grade son has a unique set of friends. A few “kind of” believe in a generic god out there, a few flat out don’t believe in God at all, a few aren’t sure what they believe, and then there’s my son. He’s grown up in the church, attended parochial schools until 5th grade, goes regularly to Sunday School, midweek (church) school, and confirmation class, and hears Bible stories and devotions at home as well. And thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit, he believes those biblical accounts. He has faith in Jesus and isn’t afraid to say so, even when all his friends are arguing against him. And argue they do. Religion is a regular topic of discussion at their lunch table. Yet despite the wide variety of views among them, they have a close bond and manage to stay friends even after a lively discussion. And to be honest, I couldn’t be happier that he’s fighting in school, because it’s already preparing him for life as an adult. (Continue reading.)

Photo is Fighting by Frederic C81

When Fighting is a Good Thing


As a mother of five, I see my fair share of fighting.  It seems like some days all I am is a referee, mediating between one fight after another.  And it gets old pretty fast.  Most parents can probably agree with me on this point.  In general, fighting is looked upon as a bad thing.  Kids are encouraged not to fight, especially with their fists.  We try to teach our kids to work things out by talking through their differences rather than fighting.  But I have surprising news for you.  Sometimes fighting can be a good thing.

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