Well, it could happen any day now.  My due date looms less than a week away, and I live with the constant expectation that any moment my water could break or I could start contractions.  And as such, I plan accordingly.  I don’t venture more than a half mile radius from the house for walks.  I don’t plan any road trips or shopping expeditions that would take me further from the hospital and my OB.  My suitcase is packed for the hospital and I have the baby’s clothes neatly tucked into the diaper bag.  The infant car seat is in the van. I make mostly Crock Pot meals in case I have to leave while the kids are in school and the babysitter needs to feed them supper.  I know that the baby is coming, I just don’t know when.  And even though my body is the one that will determine the time for labor and delivery, I have no control over the timing at all.  Now all I can do is wait in expectation.  It’s the final countdown.

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