Have you paid off your mortgage?  Okay, maybe that’s a bit too ambitious a thing to ask, but how about a car?  Perhaps a student loan?  How does it feel when you’re finally done with the payments; when you know you don’t have to pay that monthly fee anymore?  You’re free to use that money for other things, and you actually own that house or car outright.  The bank can’t take it from you if you miss a few payments.  It’s a liberating feeling, a feeling of accomplishment.  Your bill has been paid in full.  If you lived in New Testament times, the Greek word tetelestai would have been written on business documents or receipts to indicate that very thing–your bill had been paid in full.  And that’s the last word Jesus utters from the cross.  “Tetelestai!”  The price for sin has been “paid in full.”

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