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Foolish Giving


An adult never would have done it. It wasn’t logical. In fact, it was downright embarrassing to offer such a small amount for such a large crowd. And besides, it made more sense to keep it for oneself for the journey ahead. Yet the boy didn’t think about any of that. He just knew he had some food and other people needed it. So he found Andrew and told him he had five loaves of barley bread and two fish. Perhaps the people around him snickered at how naive this child was. But Andrew brought the food to Jesus, who multiplied it to feed over 5,000 men, plus women and children.  The leftovers alone were astounding. But in order to multiply the food, first the boy had to give it away.

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Daily Bread

I’m glad I didn’t live in the Old Testament days of wandering in the wilderness with the Israelites. I can’t imagine how difficult that lifestyle would have been. Nor can I see eating the same thing for every mealmanna and quail. I’m sorry, but that would get old pretty fast. (On the other hand, at least it took the guesswork out of what to make for dinner every night…) Still, I have to admit that this manna phenomenon was pretty amazing. Every morning God provided for His people, and they always had just the right amount of food. No leftovers (unless it was the sixth day and they gathered some for the Sabbath), and no one went away hungry. Incredible. But it also taught the people a valuable lessonGod provided for them one day at a time. They learned to trust Him that He would indeed provide for them the following day.

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