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When You Don’t Get Anything out of Church


“I didn’t get a thing out of that.”

These words were spoken by a resident of a nursing home some years ago when I was in college. A group of students went to a local nursing home every Tuesday evening to sing with the residents and lead them in a short devotional time. One week after the Bible message, a man who was hard of hearing turned to his neighbor and announced rather loudly, “I didn’t get a thing out of that!” We laughed about it then, and it still brings a smile to my face now. Clearly, he meant he couldn’t hear the message. But have you ever felt that way after church or a devotion? Like you didn’t get anything of substance out of it? And that begs the question, is it even worth it?

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Hungry Babies

Babies are not discreet. When they’re hungry, they let you know. It doesn’t matter where you are or who is watching. They’ll search for the source of milk no matter what. I was holding my infant in church last week and he opened his mouth and started rooting around, bouncing his head off my chest in an attempt to be fed. It was obvious to anyone watching what he was trying to do. Though slightly embarrassing for me, his actions displayed a simple trust that give us a model of how we should act as well. Continue reading “Hungry Babies”

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