I find that the less time I have, the more efficient I am.  For example, when my kids are in school all day, I get relatively little done around the house.  But when they had VBS a few weeks ago for two hours each morning, boys howdy, did I get stuff done.  I accomplished more in those few hours each day than I normally do in an entire week.  Since I knew I’d have the house mostly to myself, I planned ahead for the “big chores” like steam mopping and cleaning the garage and using a shop vac on the van.  I made the most of the time and cut out other distractions to finish what I needed to do, knowing that I had a fixed amount of time.  Same holds true for the vacation we just had going “back home.”  Living 1300 miles away, we can’t just go there for a weekend.  It’s a huge ordeal to get back, so I had to plan ahead to make sure I saw everyone I wanted to see and go everywhere I wanted to go.  We basically had to pack an entire summer into 9 days, so we made the most of every moment.  After all, the clock was ticking.

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