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Less-than-Ideal Circumstances


His circumstances were hardly ideal. He had been beaten, was falsely imprisoned, and there was a price on his head and a plot to kill him. Not the sort of situation In which I’d want to find myself. But the apostle Paul didn’t look at the unfairness of the situation or complain about it. Rather, he looked at the people God was placing in his path. These were people to whom he could witness: fellow prisoners, Roman soldiers, even the king. God used Paul’s circumstances to further the spread of the Gospel. In fact, one could say God even orchestrated those less-than-ideal circumstances.

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Chief of Sinners

Who is the worst sinner you can think of? Hitler? The terrorists of 9/11? A serial killer? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the answer may surprise you. The answer is you

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A One-Track Mind

My son has a one-track mind. When he focuses on something, he cannot get it out of his head until it’s resolved. Each weekend he seems to have something else on which to dwell. Sometimes it’s a certain book or movie he just has to have from the library. Sometimes it’s something he desperately wants to order online. Last weekend he was harping on finding an instrument to use for band. This past weekend suddenly a new bike (which in all truthfulness he needed) was of utmost importance, and he didn’t want to wait. He wanted it now. The thing is that he won’t rest until whatever he’s been focusing on has come to a proper conclusion in his own mind. He harps on the subject at hand over and over, which can honestly get wearisome after a while. In time I have hopes that this can become a favorable trait and work for his good. But he just can’t give up or forget whatever it is that’s on his mind. It’s that important to him.

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