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Running Out of Time


I’m running out of time. The closer I get to launch date for Faith Alone, the less ready I am. I’m about to drive my formatter crazy with the last-minute changes I’m making. Why am I just now noticing how often I use certain words and phrases in dialogue between characters? And doesn’t this need to be hyphenated? Oh, and this word needs to be italicized. And how did we miss that comma through all the rounds of editing? Sigh. For a “final” proofread, I sure am finding a lot of changes yet to be made. In some ways, I feel like the editing could go on forever.

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In the Presence of the King


This was a matter of life and death. The rule in the royal court was that anyone who approached the king without being summoned was to be put to death. There was but one exception. If the king held out his golden scepter, the person who dared approach him uninvited would live. Queen Esther knew this rule applied even to her, and when she agreed to plead with the king on behalf of the Jews, she knew she could be walking to her own death. Mordecai had tricked King Ahasuerus into signing a death edict for the Jewish people, and Esther knew it was up to her to save them, provided she didn’t get killed first. But she didn’t just run to the throne room. She told Mordecai to gather as many Jews as he could and fast and pray for her for three days before she would dare to approach the king. This was too serious a matter to attempt without proper preparation.

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Preparing for Harvey


I was completely unprepared for Hurricane Harvey. Granted, we don’t live in the immediate danger zone, but being only a few hours from Houston, we knew we’d be getting heavy and persistent rains. The country roads in our area get washed out during heavy rain, and other roads flood, making them impassable. Kids basked in the novelty of having their first day of school canceled. Flash flood warnings popped up all over. Towns not too far from us had forced evacuations due to rivers flooding. In the face of such inclement weather, certain preparations are advised. Stock up on food in case you’re stranded for any length of time. Make sure you have plenty of potable water on hand should your water be contaminated by the fallout. Keep bags of ice handy in case the power goes out and you need to keep your refrigerated food from spoiling. All excellent advice. And I didn’t do any of it.

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The Final Countdown

Well, it could happen any day now.  My due date looms less than a week away, and I live with the constant expectation that any moment my water could break or I could start contractions.  And as such, I plan accordingly.  I don’t venture more than a half mile radius from the house for walks.  I don’t plan any road trips or shopping expeditions that would take me further from the hospital and my OB.  My suitcase is packed for the hospital and I have the baby’s clothes neatly tucked into the diaper bag.  The infant car seat is in the van. I make mostly Crock Pot meals in case I have to leave while the kids are in school and the babysitter needs to feed them supper.  I know that the baby is coming, I just don’t know when.  And even though my body is the one that will determine the time for labor and delivery, I have no control over the timing at all.  Now all I can do is wait in expectation.  It’s the final countdown.

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Perfect Preparation

When I was in high school, there were a number of us with 4.0 grade point averages, and thus it was an eight-way tie for valedictorian. Rather than each of us making a lengthy speech, we worked together to make one speech split up eight ways. Each of us had a different topic and three to four minutes to cover said topic. But there was one quote that tied everything together. We all referenced a quote attributed to Corrie ten Boom: “Every experience God gives us, and every person He puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.”
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