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What Pro-Lifers can Learn from the Other Side

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Last weekend I saw Unplanned. This past weekend I was privileged to hear Abby Johnson speak at a pro-life fundraiser. Both events were thought-provoking and eye-opening, and a few of the insights I’ve gained have little to do with the actual topic of abortion. One of the main concepts that struck me is the mentality of those on both sides of the issue. Those who fight for womens’ “reproductive rights” are clearly “all in.” They display a commitment that puts most pro-lifers to shame. And although my stance on abortion is quite different from theirs, I appreciate and admire their tenacity and the passion with which they defend their cause.

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Thrivent’s Choice

I can’t help it.  I just can’t help myself.  Give me a juicy topic like this, and I just can’t resist writing about it.  It’s a weakness of mine, I suppose.  And even as I write this I know there are a lot of you already reading this with trepidation, cringing about where I’m going with this touchy subject.  There are those of you reading this who are probably horrified that I would even dare to broach this subject in a slightly more neutral way than most articles I’ve read.  The subject, of course, is Thrivent. Continue reading “Thrivent’s Choice”

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