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If “It Was Finished” on Good Friday, Why Do We Need Easter?

Years ago my husband and I took a vacation to Florida. One morning as we were on our way to breakfast we got stopped by this guy who offered us a free breakfast and a gift card for listening to a short presentation. Being still rather naive, we agreed, only to find out it was a sales pitch for a time share. And despite what the first guy had said, this was certainly not a “short” presentation. We were in no position whatsoever to be investing in a time share at that point in our lives, but the salesman kept reiterating one point throughout his speech. He said it so often we still use it as an inside joke. This was his trump card; his best argument. With a time share, he pointed out, you get a deed. When you stay in a hotel, “All you get is a receipt.”

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A Matter of Life and Death

The death of Robin Williams has merited a lot of attention over the last few days. It was tragic in every way, and since he was so famous news splashed all over instantly. Facebook and Twitter were flooded with quotes, clips, and tributes to Robin Williams, and the subject of depression was discussed and even debated at length. Yet one touchy subject was never brought up. What comes next? What happened to Robin Williams when he died? Oh, sure, there was that touching tweet “Genie, you’re free,” which was debated in certain circles, but reviews and tributes focus pretty much solely on the legacy he left behind. Few people in modern society want to think about what really happens after a person dies. But let me ask you thisif you were to die tonight, do you know what would happen to you?

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