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Calling All Adults: Grow Up


My middle schooler’s band concert was quite possibly the worst concert I’ve ever attended. Oh, don’t get me wrong. The middle schoolers did a great job. They’ve worked hard all year, and their songs were terrific. It was neat to see the progress they’ve made, and I was proud of my sixth grader and his classmates. No, it wasn’t the kids who made the concert so terrible. It was their parents.

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Why We Have Become a Blatantly Rude Society (And How We Can Change That)

Hi. My name is Common Courtesy. Allow me to introduce myself to you. I have excellent manners and social conduct. I am polite, respectful, considerate, civil, thoughtful, cordial, tactful, and gracious. And I am sadly lacking in your society. In fact, some of you I’ve never even met.

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