My husband knew a guy in college who claimed he hadn’t sinned for a year.  He had found some religious group that showed him how to not sin, apparently, and this guy was completely serious about not sinning anymore.  Sound preposterous?  He’s not alone.  Joyce Meyer, famous Christian author and speaker, believes the same thing.  Perhaps you’ve seen the video clip where she publicly states that she has stopped sinning.  (It’s only 31 seconds long- it’s worth the watch.)  “I am not poor, I am not miserable, I am not a sinner,” she begins.  (I guess she didn’t like the confession part of our service where we start out, “I, a poor, miserable sinner, confess to you all my sins…”)  She goes on to say that if she was still a sinner, then Jesus died in vain.  She further points out that she didn’t stop sinning until she got it through her thick head that she wasn’t a sinner anymore.  “The Bible tells me I am righteous, and I can’t be righteous and a sinner at the same time,” she ends.  Huh.  Interesting logic.  But here’s the thing- where is the focus when you believe you’re not sinning anymore?  Are your eyes fixed on Jesus, or on your own good works?

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