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Spiritual Milk

Perpetual Children

I’m ready to be done with the toddler years. I mean, don’t get me wrong–I love my toddler like crazy, but I’ve had a baby or toddler in the house for nearly 14 years now, and it’s starting to wear on me. I’m over fun surprises like a fire starting in the bottom of the oven because my toddler thought it would be neat to stuff crayons into those nifty holes down there. I don’t particularly relish finding pins scattered across my carpet after my toddler got into my sewing kit. I’m not keen on finding hot chocolate powder scattered all over the bed and floor during so-called “nap” time. I’m done with temper tantrums and potty training and sippy cups and inane conversations. It sometimes feels like my kids will be children forever.
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Love Letters

I had a great professor in college who often used a certain analogy to urge us to study God’s Word. He pointed out that when you are falling in love with someone, you want to know everything about themhobbies, favorite color, favorite foods, childhood stories- everything. You think about them constantly, you miss them when you’re apart, you write love notes (or in today’s society, love texts), and you read and re-read the notes and love letters they send in return. In the same way, we should be like that with the One who loves us more than anyone elseour Triune God. Shouldn’t we want to get to know Him as thoroughly as possible? Shouldn’t we learn all we can about Him? We ought to know Him intimately, learn all we can about His attributes, His history on our behalf, the teachings and doctrines He gives usin short, we should learn everything we can about Him. And really, it’s quite easy. He left us the ultimate love letter of all timethe Bible.

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