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When You Aren’t as Generous as You Think


“Over half of the members in this congregation give less than the price of a Happy Meal every week.”

These words were spoken in a sermon about stewardship, and they’ve stuck with me ever since. Churches seem to be perpetually behind budget, nearly always in debt, and is it any wonder? If half of the members are giving $5 or less, how can we expect to sustain our congregations? Granted, this includes all those members “on the rolls” who don’t actually come, but let’s face it––tithing is not a common practice in our culture today. Sure, people can spend money on cable and Internet and cars and sports and lessons and… But church? Tithing is foreign to many people. So as I sat in church that Stewardship Sunday while the pastor discussed giving, I admit I felt a little swell of pride. Ah, I thought to myself smugly, but I DO tithe. I’m a faithful giver. But upon further reflection, I came to a startling revelation. I’m not nearly as generous as I’d like to think I am.

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A True Love Story

The movie The Vow is based on a true story where a wife loses her memory after a car accident and can’t even recognize her own husband.  Rather than letting her go, the husband works to win back her love.  It’s an inspiring story, one that makes women swoon to see the husband go to such lengths to win her back.  We like these kind of stories, because secretly we’d all like to be that valuable in someone’s eyes.  We’d love to have someone go to all that trouble to win our affections.  But the fact is that someone has gone to incredible lengths to win you back.  That Someone, of course, is Jesus.

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