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When Fighting is a Good Thing


As a mother of five, I see my fair share of fighting. It seems like some days all I am is a referee, mediating between one fight after another. And it gets old pretty fast. Most parents can probably agree with me on this point. In general, fighting is looked upon as a bad thing. Kids are encouraged not to fight, especially with their fists. We try to teach our kids to work things out by talking through their differences rather than fighting. But I have surprising news for you. Sometimes fighting can be a good thing.

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Out of Our League

This past weekend my son had the opportunity to play in a baseball tournament. I’m not gonna lie to ya, it was painful. They were the only local Parks and Rec team playing against travel teams. Serious teams. Teams that practice during the winter and play in competitions most weekends throughout the summer. Our kids lost every single game. Badly. I think in four games they scored a grand total of 5 runs, which wasn’t even half of what the other teams scored against them in one game. It was obvious from about the second inning of the first game that we were way out of our league. The kids knew there was no way they could possibly win against these other teams, but they kept playing nonetheless. No one quit or walked away or threw their glove down in disgust. I’m sure they were frustrated, but they kept on going. They pulled together as a team and encouraged each other through it all. And at the end of the day, they all put their hands in and yelled out their team name together proudly.

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